IOM - World Migration Report. 2015

The Editorial Team wishes to thank all contributing authors, including mayors,
local officials and city and migration practitioners. The Editorial Team is especially
grateful to Mr William Lacy Swing, IOM Director General, for his vision and encouragement to produce this publication.

Special thanks go to all field offices for their tremendous effort in gathering the Migrants’ Voices and relevant data, and to colleagues in IOM Headquarters for their assistance in data collection and analysis.

The Editorial Team is grateful also to Melissa Siegel (Maastricht University), Cecilia Tacoli and David Satterthwaite (both at the International Institute for Environment and Development) for their presentations in the framework of the WMR Interagency Seminar Series.

The Editorial Team is especially grateful to the Governments of Australia and the Netherlands for their generous financial support towards the development and publication of the World Migration Report 2015.

The Editorial Team would like to pay special tribute to Professor Graeme Hugo, Director of the Australian Population and Migration Research Centre at the University of Adelaide, who passed away on 20 January 2015, after finalizing his background paper for this report.

Migrant and Refugee Integration in Global Cities: The Role of Cities and Businesses. Melissa Siegel, Head Migration Studies, Training and Research Projects, Maastricht Graduate School of Governance| UNU-MERIT, 2 May 2014, Geneva, Switzerland.

Migration to Cities and New Vulnerabilities. Cecilia Tacoli, Principal Researcher, Head of the Human Settlements Group, International Institute for Environment and Development, 30 October 2014, Geneva, Switzerland.
Urbanization, Urban Poverty, and Rural-Urban Migration. David Satterthwaite, Senior Fellow, International Institute for Environment and Development, 30 October 2014, Geneva, Switzerland.

Urban Migration Trends, Challenges and Opportunities, by Ayşe Çağlar
Migration, Health and Urbanization: Interrelated Challenges, by Caroline Schultz
Urbanization, Rural-urban Migration and Urban Poverty, by Cecilia Tacoli, Gordon McGranahan and David Satterthwaite
Urban Migration Trends, Challenges, Responses and Policy in the Asia-Pacific, by Graeme Hugo
Linkages between Urbanization, Rural–Urban Migration and Poverty Outcomes in Africa,
by Mariama Awumbila
Cities Welcoming Immigrants: Local Strategies to Attract and Retain Immigrants in U.S. Metropolitan Areas,
by Marie Price
Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Cities,

by Katrin Marchand and Melissa Siegel

Migrants and Cities in New Partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa,
by John Oucho

Urban Migration Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in India,
by Ram B. Bhagat


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