IOM - World Migration Report. 2013

The Editorial Team wishes to thank all contributing authors and is especially
grateful to Mr William Lacy Swing, IOM Director General, for his vision and
encouragement in producing this publication.
The Editorial Team is grateful to IOM field offices for their assistance in conducting
interviews with migrants for inclusion in the report and to those migrants who
agreed to participate. The Team also thanks the authors of the working papers on
migrant well-being.
Thanks are also due to David Bartram (University of Leicester), Romina Boarini
(OECD) and Philip Martin (UC Davis) for their presentations within the framework
of the WMR Seminar Series.
The Editorial Team is particularly grateful to the Governments of Australia,
Switzerland and Hungary for their generous financial support towards the
development and publication of the World Migration Report 2013.

More than money: Does economic migration bring happiness?
David Bartram,
Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Leicester,
5 September 2012, Geneva, Switzerland.
Measuring progress and well-being: The OECD better life initiative.
Romina Boarini,
Head of the Monitoring Well-Being and Progress Section at the
OECD Statistics Directorate,
1 October 2012, Geneva, Switzerland.
Labour migration and development indicators in the post-2015 global development
Philip Martin,
Professor at the University of California, Davis,
Chair of the UC Comparative Immigration and Integration Program,
10 December 2012, Geneva, Switzerland.
Working papers
Migration health, well-being and development: An overview,
by Poonam Dhavan
Migrant well-being in the Middle East and North Africa: A focus on gender in Cairo,
by Harry Cook and Jane Sail
Migrant well-being and development: South America,
by Ezequiel Texidó and Elizabeth Warn
Migrant well-being in South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia,
by Marina Manke, Tatjana Dedovic, Katarina Lughofer and Alina Narusova
Migrant well-being: European economic area and Switzerland,
by Anna Platonova
The well-being of economic migrants in South Africa: Health,
gender and development,
by Celine Mazars with Reiko Matsuyama, Jo Rispoli and Jo Vearey
Migrant well-being: Central America, North America and the Caribbean,
by Ricardo Cordero, Salvador Gutierrez and Joan Andreu Serralta
Le bien être des migrants en Afrique de l’ouest [Well-being of migrants in
West Africa],
by Geertrui Lanneau and Alexia Scarlett


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