IOM - World Migration Report. 2011

The World Migration Report 2011: Communicating Effectively about Migration is the sixth report in IOM’s World Migration Report (WMR) series. This year’s report shines the spotlight on the issue of public perceptions of migration. 
With international migration likely to continue increasing in scale and complexity over the next decades, societies of the future may be expected to exhibit increasing social and economic diversity. The successful integration of migrants into the host society and, more broadly, the manner in which the community at large experiences migration will constitute one of the major policy challenges for IOM Member States. 
Part A of the World Migration Report 2011 examines how perceptions and attitudes shape public opinion and, in so doing, influence policies. It also examines the role media play in both communicating and shaping opinions and policies. The World Migration Report 2011 highlights the need for innovative approaches to the construction of a positive public image of migrants and migration. The report underlines, in particular, the need for the promotion of a better understanding and recognition of the benefits of migration, more evidence-based policymaking and a more effective engagement with migrants themselves. Part A also reviews the major migration trends of 2010/2011. It offers a brief overview of developments in policy, legislation, international cooperation and dialogue on migration at the global level and thereafter outlines some of the key regional trends in migration.
On the occasion of IOM’s 60th Anniversary in 2011, Part B of the World Migration Report 2011 offers a historical overview of how the organization’s conception of migration and its migration management activities have evolved in response to the significant political, economic and social changes that have occurred since the end of the Cold War. A concise statistical overview of IOM’s programmatic activities during the last decade (2001–2010) completes the picture.
As in years past, the World Migration Report 2011 is a result of consultation and collaboration among external scholars and IOM colleagues.  We are grateful for their many contributions. We also wish to thank warmly the government of Australia and the MacArthur Foundation for their continuing financial support.


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